Apollonia Purple Rain Costume

Apollonia Kotero’s Purple Rain Costume is Going Up For Auction

A unique piece of movie memorabilia from Prince’s Purple Rain is set for auction. It’s the black-and-white blazer Prince donned while riding his motorcycle during the shooting of the 1984 rock drama.

On June 29th, an auction featuring costumes from Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Alicia Keys as well as a Swarovski crystal studded glove from Michael Jackson’s 1992 “Dangerous” world tour is set to take place. Estimates place the blazer between $6,000-$8,000.

Prince and Kotero became close after the 1984 filming of Purple Rain, according to a blog post from the actor. She kept in contact with the musician throughout his career, eventually launching Kotero Entertainment – a children’s content and movies company – in 2005.

On Monday night, she attended a screening of Purple Rain that featured cast members Jerome Benton and Jill Jones, producer Robert Cavallo, costume designer Marie France and Prince’s former manager Albert Magnoli. Hosted by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills, this event was titled Purple Rain: Celebration.

At a screening and panel discussion following Prince’s passing, the actress made her first public appearance since his passing. She was joined by several other guests to reflect on their time working with Prince, including on his iconic film.

One of the most beloved scenes in the film depicts Apollonia caving to Kid’s request and purifying herself in Lake Minnetonka. Shot on a freezing November day, Apollonia said she almost passed out from cold so was relieved when it ended.

She was delighted by the audience’s reaction to her performance and says the movie was a lot of fun. Additionally, the actress shared a video clip of herself singing Purple Rain’s classic track “Let’s Go Crazy.”

Apollonia and Prince worked tirelessly to make their relationship appear authentic on-screen. To get just the right take, they often acted out scenes together in front of an audience member to capture a genuine moment.

They weren’t always accurate, though; Prince revealed to The Hollywood Reporter they “were really good friends but didn’t always say anything.”

Their love and friendship for each other was undeniable. They had many shared interests, from music to their personal lives. Yet their bond remained undimmed.

Kotero made her television debut in 1985 as Apollonia, Lorenzo Lamas’ girlfriend on CBS’ Falcon Crest. As the character, she sang live-on-screen.

The actress and musician shared a profound admiration for each other, as well as an affinity for children’s entertainment. Even after Prince’s passing, they remained close friends.

Kotero was best known for her role as Rosa in Purple Rain, but she had an illustrious career as a child actress and voice artist. She appeared on numerous TV shows, movies, musicals and commercials while serving as mentor to children in the performing arts – helping them find their voices and honing their skills.

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