Anna Nicole Smith No Makeup

Video of Anna Nicole Smith Wearing Clown Makeup Revealed

Anna Nicole Smith was a model and reality television star who tragically passed away at 39 from an accidental overdose in 2007 from an accidental overdose. She became well-known in the media, often referred to as “The Queen of Tsks.”

She had a reputation for over-the-top behavior and drug use. She was often accused of stuttering her words and appearing in questionable photographs; however, beneath all that lay an intense drive to succeed.

Her mother was a police officer, and she had worked hard to ensure that her daughter would become the successful and content individual she desired to become. In many ways, Anna Nicole lived out the American dream; growing up in a trailer park in Texas before going on to have an illustrious modeling career.

Once she achieved success, however, she took things too far. Her reckless and self-destructive behavior was caused by her addictions to prescription medications and painkillers. She earned a reputation for living life to the brim, with an extravagant lifestyle that most could not support.

Throughout her career, Anna Nicole Smith appeared in numerous commercials and on numerous TV shows. Additionally, she served as a model for Guess clothing line. Furthermore, she starred on 2002 E! cable reality show, “Anna Nicole Show,” which focused on her personal life.

In 2003, she made a guest appearance in the comedy film “Wasabi Tuna.” Unfortunately, her performance received mixed reviews. Additionally, she appeared in John Travolta’s “Be Cool” as an extra.

She also featured in the independent parody film Illegal Aliens alongside wrestling superstar Joani Laurer and served as a spokesperson for TrimSpa, an appetite suppressant.

A video of Smith wearing clown makeup has recently surfaced online and caused quite a stir. The clip was used as evidence in a drug conspiracy case against her boyfriend and two doctors.

Her boyfriend Howard K. Stern was also suspected of providing her with the drugs that ultimately resulted in her death. Several pills and a baby bottle filled with liquid sleeping medication were discovered in her hotel suite.

Medical examiners who conducted the investigation into her death concluded she died of combined drug toxicity, the same condition which claimed her son Daniel’s life. It was an untimely end for the young mother’s life.

It’s truly tragic that such a beautiful, strong and intelligent woman had such an unhappy life and tragically passed away. She had so much talent and potential in her life which unfortunately did not materialize.

She had a lot of talent and always strived to improve herself, yet it wasn’t enough. Her big personality and desire to be in the public eye never seemed to grow beyond it; yet, it seems she never learned when to stop.

In her final months, she became a national icon due to the paternity and custody battles over her daughter. Additionally, she was in the spotlight due to the drug overdose that claimed the life of her son Daniel Wayne Smith.

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