Ames And Jackie Bachelor Pad

Bachelor Pad 3 Cast Announces Breakup of Ames Brown and Jackie Gordon

Millions of women gasped when Ames Brown abandoned his chances at $250,000 on Bachelor Pad 2 to chase after Jackie Gordon’s limo and ride off together into the sunset. Their New England romance seemed adorable, and after an intimate makeout session in their mansion it was evident that Ames wanted to pursue their relationship off camera; unfortunately their time together came to an end on Monday night, just like most reality show couples do.

Ashley Hebert’s season of The Bachelorette brought together Ames and Nikolette. Unfortunately, Ames told reporters during a conference call today that they just couldn’t make things work off camera, and are no longer dating each other. Though their breakup may have seemed sudden after going through everything together on screen, perhaps feelings shifted as time progressed and feelings changed due to show’s duration.

Ames and Jackie aren’t the only couple from past seasons of Bachelor Pad to break up after their time in the mansion; plenty of others did as well, from Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke to Nick Peterson and Rachel Truehart. Still, many couples did make it work, such as Amanda Stanton and Justin Rego from this season or Rachel Kasey Vienna trio from last year.

Bachelor Pad Season 3 premieres Monday, July 12 at 8 pm ET on ABC and features some of the franchise’s most iconic players – Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi are just two examples – competing for $250,000 against Kasey Kahl, Michelle Money and Erica Rose from Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise fame as well as former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars Gia Allemand, William Holman Michael Stagliano Holly Durst Ames Brown to name just a few.

Although we’re still waiting for all of the cast members to be revealed, rumors about who will appear are already swirling. Some familiar names like Ames and Jackie could make appearances, along with potential newcomers too.

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Are Ames and Jackie Still Dating?

It appears that Ames has moved past his heartbreak with Ashley and is now dating someone named Jackie from Napa Valley. These two have apparently met up while filming the new Bachelor Pad is going on in Napa Valley; unfortunately though it appears they started hooking up prior to finishing filming for that show as this would have made for an amazing plot device onscreen! It’s just too bad they didn’t wait until filming had wrapped before starting dating; otherwise we could have witnessed their romance unfold before our very eyes on screen!

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