Altovise Davis Net Worth

Altovise Davis Net Worth

Altovise Davis, best known for her role as Altovise Davis – the widow of singer-dancer Sammy Davis Jr. – was a well-known presence in the entertainment world for many years.

Her life had its challenges, including a stroke in 2006. Additionally, she had an extensive history of tax issues.

She was an actress and dancer who featured in Broadway shows such as High Spirits, Golden Boy, and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas before she wed Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy and Pam enjoyed a happy marriage for two decades until Sammy passed away in 1990. Together they adopted a son named Manny and were actively involved in many charitable causes.

After Sammy’s passing, Altovise found herself embroiled in tax disputes. Although she settled her debts in 1997, California Franchise Tax Board records indicate she was one of the top 250 delinquent taxpayers as of 2008.

She was a former model and had an impressive career in the entertainment industry, appearing on multiple TV shows and films. Additionally, she was involved with various philanthropic organizations throughout Los Angeles.

Her passing came as a shock to her family and friends, including business partner Barrett LaRoda.

Altovise’s death was a tragic loss for her family, especially as she had been in declining health. She had been dealing with chronic hepatitis C, an illness which can damage your liver and kidneys.

At her death, she was left with an estate worth more than $100 million. She had executed an online will that left all of her possessions to their adopted son Manny.

She also left her home and other assets to their three children, Tracey (30), Mark (31) and Jeff (27), as well as an insurance policy that insured the family’s financial affairs.

The family’s attorneys are now in the process of creating a will that will safeguard all assets.

Sammy, Sam’s husband, passed away in 1990 at the age of 64. He was part of the Rat Pack – an entertainment group which included singers and dancers such as Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, and Joey Tribbiani.

Davis was renowned for his acting and singing talents as well as impersonations of famous entertainers like Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley, and The Beatles. Additionally, Davis was an advocate of civil rights issues and a staunch Democrat.

He was an acclaimed golfer and was part of the 1972 Ryder Cup team. On screen he made a memorable kiss during an episode of All in the Family (1972), during which Archie Bunker took aim at him despite keeping his cool under pressure.

For several years, The Rat Pack ruled American theater and Davis earned himself the nickname “Mister Show Business.” Unfortunately, his career took a sudden turn in the late 1960s; however, in 1972 he returned and achieved new levels of popularity among both black and white audiences alike. As one of the first African-American entertainers to achieve such mainstream recognition, Davis quickly gained notoriety throughout America.

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