Allegations Against Ree Drummand

Ree Drummond – The Pioneer Woman – Allegations Against The Food Network Star

Anne Marie “Ree” Drummond is an internationally known blogger, cookbook author and television show host known by many by her moniker The Pioneer Woman. In addition to owning her retail store in Pawhuska Oklahoma as well as owning bed and breakfast services and restaurants there, as well as owning pizza shops there as well as owning retail store there as well. Ree has amassed an international fan following thanks to these ventures – some allege her blog portrayals Native Americans negatively while some even claim she’s racist; such accusations have surfaced before – now more so.

Ree Drummond was born January 6th 1969 to Gerre Schwert and William Dale Smith in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. While she originally wanted to become a lawyer, this dream changed when she met Ladd Drummond on a cattle ranch in 1996. Ree started blogging about daily life as a housewife and mother which soon became popular, leading her to create her own television show with it as the basis.

The Pioneer Woman has won multiple awards over time and been featured in various magazines like People, Ladies Home Journal and Southern Living. Over recent years her popularity has skyrocketed; she now boasts an immense social media following – her cookbooks selling millions of copies worldwide and ranking on New York Times Bestseller lists are proof. In addition, Food Network viewers adore watching her show which has consistently rated top in its time slot.

In 2017, she was accused of making an offensive joke in one of her episodes that offended Asians, leading to much backlash from the public and widespread condemnation from critics. She apologized profusely for what had been done and stated her regret over what had occurred.

Paige has also had issues with the law related to being drunk. She was arrested in April 2019 for public intoxication and possession of alcohol under 21; when pulled over she had red-bloodshot eyes and slurred speech according to Radar Online reports. Furthermore she has endorsed CBD gummies.

Food Network star Ree Drummond and her family are highly engaged on social media. She regularly shares pictures of Alex, Bryce, Paige, and Jamar working hard at the ranch together. Ree has an infectious sense of humor about herself that allows her to show various sides to her personality – something her fans enjoy seeing!

Ree took time out of her busy workdays to do something fun for her children. Recently, she shared an adorable post featuring Bryce wearing his college football uniform, prompting fans to wonder about his day-to-day activities at school. Ree’s husband Ladd was recently involved in an accident that resulted in his suffering a broken neck; he is recovering well now.

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