Abby And Matt Howard Baby

Abby and Matt Howard Are Expecting Their Second Child

High school sweethearts turned TikTok stars and new parents – Abby and Matt Howard are expecting their second child! After marrying young and becoming huge online stars with 4.9 million followers on TikTok and 3.15 million YouTube subscribers, these couple has shared their everyday lives with their audiences in an almost irresistible way that makes watching them almost impossible.

They shared videos about their pregnancy journey and invited fans along for the ride when their son was born. Thanks to their success, these social media platforms have now become sources of income; now earning money through Youtube, TikTok, Instagram reels and brand/merchandise deals.

Only one year has passed since the couple announced they were expecting, and already their fans are showing them love with an outpouring of congratulations. Congratulations are also being sent from far and wide on this exciting development!

They’re Renowned For Their Relaxed Vlog Style

A YouTube channel and TikTok account give this young couple the perfect platform to share their everyday lives with their audiences. They post lifestyle-related content, Q&As, challenges, comedy bits and lip-syncs – all with an engaging personality that has earned them huge fans around the world. Their simple style has been praised for its authenticity while earning them huge attention from viewers through their engaging personalities.

They Are More Than a TikTok Couple

The popular TikTok couple is an example of how the app can be used to promote health and safety. Recently, Dr. Anthony Fauci – director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases – visited them at TikTok to discuss how social media is aiding in vaccination campaigns against diseases.

Their relationship had its start when they encountered a roadblock. While both students at Missouri State University in Springfield, Mo., they had met through their same class and started dating in 2016.

At the time, Matt was a biology major and Abby was studying finance. After dating for some time, Abby realized her plans had changed – she was pregnant!

Once she learned the news, Abby posted a video on TikTok that had viewers in fits of laughter. Additionally, they shared another serious video in which Matt acknowledged his suspicion and then asked Abby for a pregnancy test.

She discovered she was pregnant the next morning, having been married for two years now. Now they reside in Hawaii with their newborn son.

Their success on TikTok has provided them with a source of income, and they’ve collaborated with an agency to expand their business. A team of videographers, editors and agents work alongside them on their videos for added support.

In the meantime, they’ve had an honest dialogue about whether they feel ready to start a family and many viewers share their sentiments.

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