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90 Day Fiance – Is Jovi Dufren and Mylah Zaya Heading For Divorce?

90 Day Fiance has earned itself a stellar reputation among reality dating shows for its high stakes and dramatic unfoldings. The TLC franchise has proven an unprecedented hit, even inspiring spinoffs inspired by its international drama. Inspired by the K-1 visa process, couples from around the globe come together on this international romantic drama hoping to find love abroad and secure marriage visas before their three months are up.

90 Day Fiance has provided viewers with some of the most controversial couples seen on TLC, while also exposing us to European cultures and traditions. Cast members hailing from multiple European countries including France, Italy and Spain have featured prominently throughout its series and spinoffs.

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya have garnered much media attention this season as they struggle to come together on an agreement for the future of their relationship. After frequently fighting and having difficulty balancing careers with parenting their daughter Mylah, in order to try to resolve their differences they recently flew off for a romantic vacation in Prague; but fans have noticed signs that indicate it might not work out after all.

Yvonne, Yara’s mother, isn’t happy with Jovi and has become suspicious of his actions and behavior. She’s noticed he hasn’t been visiting as often – she suspects he might be hanging out with other women instead, which has only compounded Jovi’s case further.

As a result, Yvonne has considered filing for divorce to protect her granddaughter from emotional turmoil caused by a broken family unit. But whether or not Jovi will grant it is still unknown. He’s been trying to make amends by sharing updates via his social media platforms and producing videos with Mylah while engaging his followers online.

Fans have been asking Jovi to clarify his comments regarding Yara, yet he has yet to do so. In a recent video he stated that he doesn’t wish to live in Europe as he has work and family commitments back home in America; furthermore he is uncertain if their relationship can work for their daughter’s sake and is eager to see how that storyline plays out on 90 Day Fiance if that ever does happen.

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