5 Tips for Styling a Vintage Trucker Hat

The vintage trucker hat is having a major comeback. People can’t seem to get enough of this style!

From your friends to celebs, you’ve probably seen everyone rock it! Somehow, this type of hat perfectly captures the cool and retro style that’s currently so “in.” 

Are you hopping on the vintage hat bandwagon? If you are, you must be asking yourself, “How do I style it?”

The answer is: don’t overdo it. Here are some tips you could use in styling your vintage trucker hat:

1. Lowkey Casual

When going for a lowkey casual look with a vintage hat, the key rule to styling it is keeping it simple but stylish. Pick one or two colors for the hat, and make sure to keep the logo subtle. Add a touch of personality by accessorizing with a bandana in the back pocket.

To keep the vintage element, opt for distressed jeans and a neutral solid color t-shirt. Add a pair of signature kicks or Chelsea boots to add a bit of your style.

For the finishing touch, layer a plaid shirt or denim jacket to give the total look a more edgy and urban vibe. Remember, a trucker hat is all about creating a statement that’s both classic and casual.

2. Sporty

When styling a vintage hat for a sporty look, consider the colors and pattern of the outfit. A classic logo or font of a well-known team looks great with an athletic apparel ensemble. Consider adding contrasting colors to make the hat stand out, like a navy blue and white combination to create a striking look.

3. 70s Inspired

To create a 70s-inspired outfit with a vintage hat, start with a classic khaki suit or a denim jumpsuit. To complete the look, choose a trucker hat with an embroidered logo like the Loyal origins trucker hats here.

To add a bit of funk to the look if you’re a woman, you can also pair a bright-colored trucker hat with a short slip dress and a pair of pumps. You can also pair a white T-shirt, a jean jacket, jeans, and white sneakers with a plain black trucker hat with a subtle logo. 

4. Girl Next Door

To pull this style off, pick a bright, bold trucker hat with a whimsical graphic or logo for your look to stand out. When pairing with your outfit, look for pieces that will add to the vintage look of the hat – think high-waisted jeans and an old-school band tee. Accessorize with oversized clear frames to add a modern touch, and complete the look with some fresh kicks. 

5. Rodeo Chic

To style your hat for the rodeo, you can add a bandanna around the crown for a rugged look. Another great look is to tuck a few strands of wheat straw in the bill of the hat for a hint of the old West. If you want to stand out, add a few traditional rodeo pins at the ends of the hat.

Style Your Vintage Trucker Hat According to However You Like

There are a variety of ways you can style a vintage trucker hat. Start by looking for hats in light colors and soft fabrics. And try experimenting with different styles.

With these tips, you’ll be on your way to rocking trucker hats. So don’t be afraid to embrace these outfit ideas and make them your own!

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