2002 Gibson Les Paul Special

2002 Gibson Les Paul Special Review

The 2002 Gibson Les Paul Special is an ideal budget-conscious version of this iconic guitar, boasting the same high standards of playability as its higher priced counterpart, the Gibson Les Paul Standard.

This model features a solid mahogany body and AA figured maple top, along with an elegant slim taper 60’s-style mahogany neck. This neck profile is popular among guitar players due to its comfortability and versatility;

It also features a set of highly playable Gibson P-90 pickups, providing plenty of warmth and punch. Furthermore, there’s a single volume & tone control to adjust the sound and help find your ideal tone.

This guitar features the thinnest neck of all available models, so if you have smaller hands it might be best for you. However, it’s still important to test them all out to find which neck feels most comfortable for you.

Another distinction between the 2002 and earlier Gibson Les Paul models is its affordable price point; thus it features a simpler construction than its Standard counterpart, including an older bridge and fewer pickups. As such, this version may appeal to players who don’t require all of the features offered by the Gibson Les Paul Standard model.

In addition to being more affordable than its Standard counterpart, this Les Paul also has a limited color selection. Plus, you can get it with a sunburst finish for an authentic vintage aesthetic that looks great in any setting!

You may prefer nitrocellulose lacquer finish, which looks fantastic and retains the original guitar’s vibrancy. As the lacquer wears over time, however, you’ll notice its fading which adds an authentic touch to the instrument.

Gibson offers a variety of neck profiles, from the slim-taper 60’s style to the chunky 50’s. To find which is most comfortable for you and your playing style, it’s worth trying each one out.

No matter which neck you select, you can still access the higher frets thanks to a contoured heel joint and compound radius ebony fingerboard. This feature is great for hard-hitting players or metalheads since it makes reaching those higher strings easier than on standard carved mahogany Les Paul necks.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, you’ll also note this model is equipped with “ultra-modern weight relief”. This process uses small chambers to reduce weight, making playing this guitar much easier than your average ’60s Les Paul. If you experience back pain or other issues, this could be the ideal solution!

This guitar is ideal for guitarists searching for an affordable instrument that will perform well in any environment. It’s suitable for both beginners and professionals alike, making it a great option if you’re on a tight budget.

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